The ribbon cutting ceremony for 'knot too shabby'

The ribbon cutting ceremony for ‘knot too shabby’

I need to get out of this heat!  That’s all I could think about as I stood by the playground slide, watching my 3 year old play.  I stood there impatiently waiting for my toddler to tell me he wanted to go home, but of course we know kids can play for hours.  I was pregnant, in Las Vegas summer heat and all I wanted to do was lounge on the couch in our modern, air conditioned home and do absolutely nothing. 

If you would’ve told me that in just a few short years that I would be opening up my own vintage home décor store, I would have laughed in your face! Me? Run a business? With 2 small children and a household to run…yeah, okay.  But crazy enough, that’s what has happened.  I went from pinterest, soccer, stay-at-home mom to a boutique shop owner, in NY of all places!  

It’s kind of crazy to think about everything that has happened to get me to this point.  Let’s see, we visited NY for Christmas in 2013 (at the time we were living in Las Vegas) and decided right then and there that we somehow needed to uproot our entire life to move to little ole’ Fishkill, NY.  My husbands’ family resides here and my husband and I had this deep desire for our children to grow up around family and cousins. 

Our home, which was the inspiration for my vintage style.

Our home, which was the inspiration for my vintage style.

As soon as spring of 2014 hit, our house was on the market.  Within 3 short months, our little Mia was born, and we had sold our home. We said goodbye to the glitz, glamour, and dry heat of Las Vegas, and said hello to the green trees of the Hudson Valley.  As soon as we got settled into our new home, it seemed like life was flashing before our eyes, the months got faster and our first year flew by!  Being at home with my kids was such a blessing, and I admit, one of the hardest jobs on the planet.  

Having grown up in the southwest all my life, I found (and still find) it hard to feel like I belong here in the Northeast.  I felt like I didn’t know exactly who I was or what I wanted. Did I have any dreams or ambition?  Was it wrong of me to leave all of the goals and responsibility for my husband to accomplish?  I started painting as a hobby, something fun to do which at the same time, saved us money. 

Me, distressing a hutch in the cold garage

Me, distressing a hutch in the cold garage

Painting was very therapeutic to me.  There was something about watching a discarded, junky piece of furniture transform into something desirable and fresh.  The more I painted, the more I felt like me.  I felt like Jessica the person and not just the mother and the wife.  Just a few months ago, we made one of the biggest decisions of our life.  My husband and I decided to open our own business.  And now, I get to offer the same therapeutic experience to all of you.  I am forever grateful to every single person who has helped us on this journey and I am so blessed to have such a positive group of people and customers who have supported me every step of the way.  We want to thank each of you, truly, from the bottom of our hearts.   

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